Candidate Secures A Project Analyst Role With Babcock International


Dear Keji,

I first joined DBT in July 2012 and completed my training at the time in Canary Wharf. Following a stint doing other things and resigning from my former job as Head of Human Resources, I returned to DBT for retraining in March 2015.

I then completed four Saturdays of intensive training and became active in projects. I also spent time on self-development by reading, listening to videos of various mentoring sessions, learning new industry softwares packages and engaging in various practical tasks. Following encouragement from my mentor – Otillia who was exemplary in her support and mentorship, we ‘polished’ my CV and I began to apply for Project Management jobs. I got many interviews and although some were unsuccessful, I kept going and God recently granted me His grace to succeed.

I started a Project Analyst role with Babcock International a FTSE 100 company this month. Not only is this a great role but I was able to double my salary when compared to my previous role. I am grateful to you – Keji, my mentor – Otillia, my colleagues and the entire DBT team. The DBT platform and the numerous success stories simply reinforced my belief in the realities that exist and spurred me on to achieve my goal.

I would like to request your kind assistance to provide me with a reference when Babcock asks for one. Thank you so much.

Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Umoke

Project Coordinator

Babcock International

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