Candidate Secures Project Coordinator Role

eWorkexperience project managment Success Story

“Hi Keji

I have just gotten my success story today. I got a role as a Project Coordinator.I am Adeshola’s little brother and I cannot thank her enough for her tough love and support.

I joined dbt at a time when I was very desperate for a job and had slight pressure from my parents. My big sis introduced me to dbt and nurtured me from day 1, advising me to focus, lay down low and only focus on the main reason why I was in dbt ….TO SECURE A JOB!

I was constantly on her case, coming to her house at all times for her to mentor me and she didn’t mind as long as she got her plantain and ayanmase in return. She took me to church, introduced me to the great Jide, Sandra and Rotimi and before I knew it, I was gaining so much knowledge! I really have to thank Oludare for his endless support with excel training, God bless you abundantly. Thank you Jide for your advice on interview questions too. This is just the beginning for me as I feel I still have so much to learn in DBT !”


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