Candidate Secures PMO Analyst Role at NHS Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group


We just got her full success story in:


I’m back again with success story no.2 for the 2nd half of 2016.

Firstly I have to thank God and thank you for continuing to inspire me, encouraging me and dedicating yourself and investing your time in making sure that we prosper. KEJI as I continue to Prosper, may our Good Lord continue to multiple the works of your hand. Every seed you have sown and continue to sow must be reaped before your 40th bday in Jesus mighty name.

So, in my first success story, I was one of your first successes for the first week in January 2016 securing a contract at NHS Greenwich Clinical Commissioning group as Project Coordinator. March 2016 they upgraded me to PMO Analyst. My contract was for 6 months. However God said my journey has not ended. I interviewed again this Friday 10th with hope that I will start another contract the end of June, NHS Central London CCG overseeing all CCG’s in North West London have called for me to join the their strategic and Transformation programme office starting Tuesday. (I was informed of the role on Thursday, interviewed Friday (last person) offered job to start on Monday. Isn’t God great….)

In my first success story I advised if you were not as confident as I was back in Jan 2016 then apply for project support roles to get a foot in the door and build yourself. In the first half of 2016 I can testify that, it is possible! Possible to rise quickly in your field with dedication and our innovative e-workexperience platform #HT-Focus. Like I said DBT is forever, DBT is the best, DBT Rocks. My SLK is getting closer……

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