Candidate Secures Project Management Role with One of the Biggest Councils in UK

“Hi Keji,

I just got an offer for the role of a Digital Project Manager working for one of the biggest Council’s in UK. It is Real!…..Everything we do on this Ecosystem is real. It’s actually more intense, better structured , and more robust compared to other companies. My story……I joined DBT in April this year and took Adore’s advice of joining a few project in different stages of the life cycle. I studied all the different stages…I ended up choosing to stick with DigiAfric- Dispatcher as they were in the conceptualise stage. Here I will like to thank Bola Jacobs, Ify Onochie, Sophia, Chris Jato for thier warm welcome to the project. I took on the role of the RAIDS lead and mastered it with massive support from Mina Oghenovo.

Moved on to become the deputy project coordinator. I then became the Lead Planner for the BOT FAQ project. At this point I will like to thank Doye Biu, Chinenye, Marian, Obinna, Nwachukwu for thier support on the project. I studied and watched the videos, then joined Adeshola’s mentor group and she helped widen my knowledge horizon and really showed me what change management really is all about. I learnt so much from her.

Following this Hamza became my mentor. I can’t thank Hamza enough for the numerous 121 sessions he gave me. No matter what time of the day, he was always there for me, answering any questions I had and kept motivating me, believing in me. I started applying for jobs and had a few “No’s”. However I didn’t give up. I went back to the drawing board and developed my skill set and knowledge gaps following the feedback from the interviews until I then went for the interview for the council.

Everything that was asked in the interview was exactly what I had learnt on this platform and all the added extras blew them away. I lost count of how many questions they asked me as they were intrigued about the processes, reporting structure,tools etc.! They called the next day to tell me they would like to me start asap with them.
This certainly is the future.

If I missed your name out, not intentional , you know I appreciate all the support given. My advice to others? Never ever give up, and keep studying, learning, and get practical!….apply the knowledge constantly and you will be next!!!!. ………….Sage”


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