Candidate Secures 2 in 1 Offer – Project Manager Role and PhD Scholarship using eWorkexperience

“Hello Keji,

Greeting to you, and I hope you are doing well?
Please I would need a reference from you for PhD scholarship which is under engineering management.
Basically, it’s 2in1 offer: working and studying at the same time to get expert knowledge in the field. The school where I will be completing my studies will require a reference, so also with the industry (Nuclear) but it’s confidential at the moment because of sensitivity of the work.
Having a project management exposure really played a big role in my application. I was asked a lot of PM questions, big data analytics, configuration mgmt. and change.
So Keji thank you so much for this platform…. I must say I was at the verge of loosing hope when this came unexpectedly. I didn’t even put in effort because I thought to myself, with all the computer and engineer geeks and gurus in the race, what chance do I stand?
However God grace and PM exposure and experience played well in my favour. Though still thinking……. I want to say thanks for the platform. Please I would like to remain anonymous for now. God bless

I must say so that I was teased about what Digital Bananas as a name meant? There were like, do you really have a banana that’s digital? Lol”


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