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“Hi Keji, I have secured a Project Support role at Cross Rail at Canary Wharf.:blush::blush::tada::tada: my agent should be contacting you for a reference this has been a long process, all Glory to God my success story will follow, need to take my time with this”


The full success story

“I started DBT August 2014 at the time I was fed up with my current job and desperately wanted to change career and wanted to go into project management. A friend at the time who is a project planner told me about Career Insights so I thought I would give them a try as I had no project management experience on a business level and saw this as a great opportunity. Although I completed the course in August 2014 I did not actually take part in projects until March 2015. My first project was TAMF- iRobot, the aim was to build an app where friends can list, buy, sell, give away items and offer services they have and request services they want. I became their minute taker and that was the start of my learning. The project was on their implement and test stage at the time. It wasn’t long before I became a scrum lead, but by June the project got halted this was so disheartening as I did not get the opportunity to see the app go live. I floated in between projects until I joined the Oscars-Award project, which was to create an optimised mobile responsive website. My role was a BA Facilitator and I managed to be on a project from intiate to deploy it was there I really got my hands dirty.

My project team became family as we worked alongside each day & night we were hungry to win and eager to learn, so many late nights. My ride and die, Doris Randall, my oga at top Hammed Sule, Nana Ama Akoto, Marufah, Olutola Onakade, Narrisa so many names to mention. We all met at the Oscars-Awards night where I was nomianted for my role as BA facilitator but I did not win but that’s was the beginning of all our friendships. After the success of the Oscar-Awards, I went on to work on the CI-Sherlock Project, I manage to get the role of Deputy Project Manager with Yomi being my PM he always encouraged me and pushed me he eventually left as he got his success story and I became the PM for the project but again this project got halted. I would like to thank, Yomi, Tina, Yemi, Delsola, Ufoma, Njagga, Bunma Docemo, Jummy, Sam Anya, Theodora Ojeke for all contributing to my journey in one way or another.
I have experienced highs and low at DBT it has definitely been a journey but I really want to encourage someone today as before I secured my Project Support role, I have had over 30 job interviews!!!! every time I would go for a job interview, I would prepare myself but when I would sit before the panel of interviewers I would get so nervious and my mind would go blank my voice would tremble and disappointment would follow. I would feel so bad and upset with myself as I rehearsed, prepared all the answers to the questions asked, but felt intimdiate by the interviewers. Everyone around me was getting their success stories and I would ask God when will it be my turn. As time went on I got better with dealing with my confidence and nerves so the moral of the story is NEVER GIVE UP you will definitely get your success story, God time is the best time. I would also like to thank Jide my passed mentor for his contributions and efforts, Adore for dealing with me with her tough love approach, all the times I presented to her as it made me more determined to succeed, Caroline, Femi Adedoyin, Ola Ememerha. Keji I just want to thank you for the massive opportunity you have provided I have watch DBT grow from strength to strength over the years you have a brilliant mind, may the good Lord continue to bless your hustle. To all my DBT family your success story is coming too just don’t give up and God will bless you too.”

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