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“Ok Keji, this is it. 1st I ‘ll give thanks to the almighty God for his help all this while. I started DBT end of August 2016 then i was on a temporary role as a compliance officer in the civil service sector. I knew nothing about BA/PM.

I did the intensive training during my leave and I got fascinated with the whole thing. Joined projects: Exodus, Oscar award 2016, win hunger game, which unfortunately was halted but prior to that l learnt a lot and made some fantastic friend, one like Essie, Lara, Mohammed. Also a lot of pple have helped and inspired me in some many ways on this platform: Bello, Doye, Bunmi, Victor my great mentor Harry, ,Chukwuemeka, Victor, Leo, Adebayo, Oladipo, Romeo, Babajide, my dearly friend and a sis Grace, Didi and Joy, Sophia, Pearl, Josephine, Aminat and Modupe, my DX ESP sister.

Thank you all. Everyone has contributed to this success, even the success stories you post inspires in us a lot. Keji Thanks so much, being on the platform helps one to have a story to tell in interviews. God will continue to bless you.

My advice to everyone is never give up especially if you’ve been here for a while , your success story might just be around the corner, it’s good to have a break between job hunting but never give up rather get back, improve in your skills and fire again. Also remember to use your real names on the platform to avoid reference issues and complication.”


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