Candidate Secures QA Role with Housing Sector in London

practical work experience

“Dear Keji ,
My Success Story!!
I want to thank God Almighty for the opportunities I have had within and outside DBT.
I have been quiet on the platform for a short while follow a job a years ago which took a lot of time as it was base outside London. Commuting was a challenge but I thoroughly enjoyed my job.
I decided to return to London nearer home and I have recently secured another job in the Housing Sector in London.
I can assure you that it is good to get your hands dirty. I am truly rewarded. I joined DBT in 2014. Following excellent training with DBT, I decided to join some projects. I worked in various projects including Oscar1 2014, helping with RAIDS and Oscar2 2015 as an Assistant Planner. I was also QA Lead in HMC Unstoppable project 2015. It was an exciting time for me.
In my recent interview, I was asked about what I did for DBT. I did not know it would be the centre of the interview as they were interested in my role as a QA Lead. I spoke confidently about drawing up Test Plan, Test Cases, testing the app both on Android and IOs Platforms, running testing meetings and workshops. Working with the developer to remove bugs, reviewing the test plan, engaging the team in developing test cases, testing regularly and using all the tools including Confluence, Agile, RAIDS, PM.COM, Jira, working late and dealing with team widely dispersed with excellent engagement of the team members across the globe.
I also spoke about my role as the Deputy Planner in Oscar2- 2015. The interviewers were fascinated by the Award event and the fact that I was one of the QA Lead nominees in 2015. I hope that the 2016 Award event will even be bigger.
Housing industry has a wealth of opportunities and you will hear in the news daily about the economic and the Housing provision. The economy depends a lot on what is happening in the housing industry. I strongly believe that my experience with DBT propelled me to a level where I feel confident to create an impact in the economy of the country in the Housing Industry. I am not leaving DBT and hope to be more active once I am settled in my new role. I like the challenges and the thrilled in working on a project from start to a successful closure.

I want to use this story to encourage those of us still aspiring to land a role to just keep at it and familiarise yourselves with every detail and not to be afraid to take on responsibilities. As eventually the long hours and sacrifices will pay off.
I want to use this opportunity to appreciate Adore, Caroline, Ola, Emmanuel, Eki, Nike, Bode, Shola, Vanessa and many others who contributed in one way or the other to my success in DBT.

Hey, I also earn a bit of money as I made some referrals to DBT who also made referrals. The chain continues.
Just wanted to say thank you for providing a platform for such learning and pls also want to keep my details confidential

God bless you boss.

E. E”


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