Candidate Secures Role as A Senior Business Analyst With A Software House



Can I kindly remain anonymous.
Thank you for such a great platform you have created. The amount of information in it is mind blowing but like any great platform you can only get what you desire based on the effort you put into it.

I joined DBT June 2015 and went through the 1 week intensive programme coming out top of the class. I had big dreams and after 3 months was looking at getting into one of the big 4 consultancy firms. Sadly, after going through a test and 3 levels of interviews that lasted almost 4 months I did not make the cut.

I decided to stop applying for work as my wife was about to have a baby. To cut the long story short, I started applying again in April for PMO and PM roles in the health sector but either wasn’t shortlisted or the few I got interviewed I was always the next best candidate.

I made a drastic decision to use the month of June to brush up on being a business analyst, work on my CV and start applying. I not only got a Senior Business Analyst role with a software house in Birmingham but did so on my 1st BA interview.

The pay is awesome with 10% bonus and I even get to build my team in some few months time.

Big thanks to Emma Adenuga and David Oluwatayo who helped in working on my CV and prepping me for interviews.

Thanks Keji. May God continue to reward your effort.



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