Candidate Secures Role with NHS 4 Months After Joining Eworkexperience, Secures another PMO Role with UK Cabinet Office 3 Months After Leaving NHS on Maternity Leave

PMO Analyst Success Story

“I attended DBT weekend training last year November 2015 while I was on maternity leave (after so much mouth saying I will do it) after my training, I completed all my DBT training and selected a mentor Rotimi Ige fast forward to Feb 2016 while still on maternity leave I got offered planning and reporting role with NHS left in August for another maternity leave now I have been offered a role with UK Cabinet Office as a PMO. The funny thing is that I never applied for this roles but DBT gave me the platform and Experience needed to be able to pass interview and secure the jobs. Thank you to my mentor Rotimi Ige who is also my big sister now.”


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