Candidate Secures Role with NHS, Shares eWorkexperience Success Story

Business Analysis eWorkexperience Success Story

Foremost, I want to thank Mr Giwa who has made DBT & Career Insights the most admired eworkexperience brand and for making my new job possible due to his generosity and foresight (I was a beneficiary of 30 days free subscription). Also to my dear and most able mentor Sandra Iroka (choosing her was the easiest decision I made) and the wonderful people who have make this platform a resource hub. I joined DBT based on word of mouth in February 2016 in Manchester and was lectured by the wonderful Mama Hawk (Adeshola Cole).
I was inducted into the wonderful HT-ePay Systems as a BA facilitator and my journey began “getting your hands dirty”. As a BA facilitator, I had to understand my role to make me work smarter and working along these wonderful individuals was a key to progress e.g. Ayo Ayeni, Mike Etodia, Lilly Mathendra (who taught me how to schedule meetings and take meetings), Rotimi, Daniel Boakye, Stella Joshua, Mina Oghenovo, Monica Iseuwe, Chinwe Obiora (God bless my hustle), Ade Onofowokan, Mo Mohammed, Triq Igho, Marcus Thompson, Bethel Dumbri, Nuruideen etc. The project was halted and I immediately joined the wonderful CI-Empire team, Digital search, Eagle Eye and NDIC (I am the BA Tech Lead).
I am a secret admirer of the following individuals who has inspired me without knowing by their strong work ethics (Jide Adeoye, Doye Bui, Oludare Olorunfemi, David Tianyi Mary Salami, Sonia Isoken ,Tino Zishiri ,Tosin Ogundare, Temi Bada ,Banks Dada, Jerry, Victor Oziabor, Funmi Alades and some names I can’t remember). May I also suggest that you get in touch with those who has shared their success stories so they can learn more, this is based on my personal experience after reading the success story of Kingsley Ejeh who also made my success story possible.
My advice to all is to keep going (getting your hands dirty), I worked my butts off watching videos, facilitating and attending meeting, drawing wireframes, fine turning requirements and learning from those who are very good in their fields by staying late till 02:00 am with other PM & BA’s which was not conducive for me at that time but am now smiling as it has now paid off. Also, attending sponsors and departmental meeting are very important as this played a key role in securing my present role.
Team work in DBT is also the key to gaining knowledge, identify the smart individuals (they are easy to base on their work ethics which they copied from KG ha ha ha ) and above all, if a member of your team fails to attend meetings or complete an assignment, don’t take offence because they might be frustrated or have a heavy burden, reach out and help because in DBT, we are one big family yet some get lost in the maize. This is based on my personal experience having been frustrated of my inability to get into the Business Analysst industry etc.
I did attend interviews and was not successful but I did not give up, please don’t give up too and working in collaboration with your mentor is also a key to breaking the interview barrier. Thanks to the management and staff of DBT & CI which includes all candidates.”


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