Candidate Secures Second Role as Software Test Analyst 5 Months After Securing his First

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“Good morning Keji & happy new month, sorry it’s coming late. I was the candidate who got a job like 5months ago as a BA/QA Analyst with a Software start-up coy. I just got another job offer with a bigger software Coy(with presence in US and Africa) this week as a Software Test Analyst and also had an interview for similar position with another company earlier this week and they were also impressed with my skillset. My success story cannot cannot be complete without mentioning & thanking Oluwabunmi Docemo,Shola Abhilimhen and Abiodun Gbadamosi, as start-up workload has reduced my participation in DBT but they have been sooo supportive, DBT ladies are really caring I can’t agree less. Thanks Prophet Keji Giwa for this vision & privilege given to me. Please keep the fire Sir.

Afterthought: I think Nigeria market has GAP for QA skillset at this point as start-up coy/technology are on the rise with more focus on programmers, there will be more need for QA Analyst when this product don’t deliver as expected. Our tech industry is still at teething stage here, Sir,there may be a good BC for this you know?

I still have my eyes on BA in the nearest future big time but this is my strategic positioning


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