Candidate Secures Senior Project Manager Role with Multinational Insurance Firms


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“Hi Keji! I am so grateful to God, to you, Adore and Caroline for the support and wealth of knowledge I have gained from DBT. I have been offer two roles within the same company and even another one just came through now. I joined DBT a while ago through my friend Jide Arowolo, and I have put my best into every role till I got to the Programme Management level.

I didn`t know how much I knew until I got to interviews and everyone on the panel will exhaust their questions and won`t know what to ask me anymore because of my level of knowledge and the confidence I display. I will encourage everyone on this platform to get their hands dirty, stay positive and keep working hard. it all adds up! Keji, you`re truly changing lives, please keep it up! Thank you Adore and Caroline for believing so much in me and thanks to everyone that has influenced me one way or the other on the platform, and those we have worked together on projects. Ultimately, I am so thankful to God. Can my details be hidden pls?

The role is a Senior Project Manager role

with 2 large and international Insurance companies.”


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