Candidate Secures Three BA Job Offers With Pay Offering £70,000 Per Annum


How would you like to get 3 job offers with one of the highest offers paying £70,000 p/annum.

Come and find out why we have over 30 job offers a month as a PM or BA contractor earning up to £11,000 a month.

Don’t just take our word for it. Speak to successful candidates this Saturday at our London office.


This just came in today:

“Hi Keji,
This is my 3rd success story. I received 3 job offers this week and I have finally made my choice subject to getting vetted. I will send Ibi an email for a reference.
I would like to remain anonymous until all the vetting is done plse. Cheers

Plse keep it anonymous for now. Senior BA – The total jobs Group.
Dixons were paying me the most @ 70k but I turned them down as I wanted to work on more salesforce projects.”

See the screenshots in below.

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