Candidate Struggles To Make A Decision After Two Job Offers From NHS


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Dear Keji,

I am happy to inform you that the NHS will be contacting you any time from now to ask for reference. I wish to be anonymous please.

I joined Careerinsights/DBT October 2014, got my hands dirty as we say by working my way from minutes taking and report writing to being the lead planner for one of the Legacy projects. This has been the closest thing to a job I have had since I joined and I am glad that my experiences have secured me two roles with the NHS.n

you will be contacted for references for both but I am still trying to decide which offer to take

One in a project centred operational environment, the other as a Business support manager. Both very project centred and requires planning as well as stakeholders management. I must say I am very grateful for the opportunity to pass through DBT and letting it pass through me. You will be hearing from me again Keji, as this is a stepping stone into the NHS but its a very vital one I owe to my experiences at DBT.

I have given them my job title as Project Planner/Trainee project manager and employment start date being oct 2014 which was the period I joined DBT.

Once again, thanks for the opportunity, DBT is going places and I hope people will be more appreciative of the opportunity we are being given on this platform.

Thanks again Keji, I wish you more wisdom and more success in your endeavours.




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