Candidate, Who is also a 2016 DBT Awards Nominee, Secures IT Project Coordinator Role

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“Good morning Keji.

This is to let you know that I’ve been offered the role of an IT Project Coordinator.

My success story is a peculiar one and it goes thus:

I practically had a non-existent teaching career as I didn’t find the job interesting anymore and I was looking for a new challenge. My friend and housemate who’d trained with Career Insights two years ago who now has a flourishing job as a senior project manager encouraged me to try Project Management. I truly wasn’t interested as I wanted a different experience within the Educational sector. Long story short after lots of pushing and a bit of research, I came in for your introductory session the last Saturday of January this year, was sold hook, line and sinker. I signed up for the 5day training for the 1st of February where I met amazing people like Chillie, Stella, Bunmi and the wonderful Caroline was our trainer.
After my training I jumped straight into life as a DBT Trainee. I joined the CI – XFiles where I was made the Deputy Minutes Lead. I also joined the HT – ePay Systems where I held the role of Lessons Log Lead and was eventually made the RAIDs Lead. That was an eye opener for me as I met another set of totally awesome people like Ayo Ayeni, Lilly Mahendra, Chinwe Obiora and Michael Etoeida who were ready to teach as I was ready to learn. I wasn’t afraid to put my hands up whenever there were tasks to be done and I was eventually renamed Minastic Majestic (lol).

I also joined the DigiAfric- Newsapp and DigiAfric- Dispatcher where I also held the post of RAIDS Lead. (Yes, I am totally fascinated with Risk Management)…..

After lots of prodding from Lilly , I reluctantly applied for the post of Deputy Project Manager on the CI – Empire and to my surprise I got the job. That brought a different level of experience for me as it solidified my learning journey. I met the amazing Tosin Ogundere, Temilola Bada, Adeola Badmus , Ijay and all the crew who weren’t afraid of getting really dirty in the mud. All the while I was motivated by other people’s success stories but I felt I wasn’t ready enough to apply for jobs.

More prodding from Lilly and Chillie got me to write my PRINCE2 exam and I started applying for jobs last month. I wasn’t satisfied as I wasn’t getting any calls and so I had a conversation with Ibi Olorogun who asked me to send my CV over and she gave my CV a makeover. A few days to after, I thought to try applying again and the floodgates opened. I started getting calls left and right. At my third face to face interview, I got offered the job a couple of hours after I interviewed. I must say a big God bless you to Ibi and Lilly who took turns every night preparing me for my interviews (face to face and telephone). Of course my badder than the baddest Mentor (pardon my grammar), Mama Hawk isn’t left out. She was super patient with me and put me through competency based questions as well as ways to answer them and she also really helped me build my confidence.

Through it all, I am honoured to have joined Programme Office where work never stops, I’m equally humbled to have been nominated as the Best Deputy Project Manager of the year and I made it to the 5 Finalists (Y’all who voted for me totally rock).

If I took the time out to mention all the names of people who helped me on this journey, a day won’t be enough to finish reading my success story.

To everyone whom I’ve worked with, Y’all ROCK!!!
This platform is indeed a gold mine.

I had every reason to give up and throw in the towel as I had sooo many personal issues but life at DBT kept me going as I realised that Winners never Quit and Quitters never Win!!!

God bless you Keji!”


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