Candidatee Secures A Senior Implementation Manager Role With the NHS Trust


Hi Keji

I joined DBT in August of 2015. It was a journey of discovery for me. Working as a Manager in Telco with over 5years management experience, the desire for more was not far fetched. A dear friend introduced me and went as far getting me to sit and view what’s available on the platform.

Am ever so grateful for the teams I have worked with CI-CSI , ePay & Hunger Games. Amazing set of hardworking individuals that would drive you to perform.

I took on two roles as Deputy BA & Deputy PM. Worked on so many project defining task. Communicating with 3rd parties to ensure our research was not basic.

A massive thank you to Adore & Caroline for their approach to PD meeting it made a difference to how I present facts & figures. A massive thank you to the BA & PM Teams for their critical analysis of every presentation. It has made me an exceptional presenter.
It would be unfair not to mention Jide Adeoye’s videos , the lad is excellent….EVM kills any day.

Get your hands dirty is a mantra am taking into my new role.

To be clear am not leaving this platform but am looking to add value where I can , it’s being an immense enabler and let’s continue to make that happen.

For the Job Role: Senior Implementation Manager ( kinda cool ) in an NHS Trust & the money is even cooler .

All the best to everyone one looking to secure a role, lots to learn on the platform that can make it happen.


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