Candidates Are Securing New Contracts, Renewal Of Contract and Offered More Money


So we have started the year with tonnes of reference requests as a result of new job offers for our candidates and we had to get Ibie, one of our training consultants to contact them all for success stories as we prepare to write their references based on work done.bb1

One thing we noticed; however was a renewal of contracts and new contracts for successful candidates.

We are extremely proud of our candidates because once they secure their first contract role paying up to £11,000 a month, they never seem to be out of contract afterwards.

The experience gained here is so invaluable they tend to have their contracts renewed or secure new roles right after their first one has ended.bb2

The best part, starting work and finding one of your colleagues at DBT in the same company.

We are taking over. Are you going to seat there and watch 2016 pass you by our are you going to let us help you celebrate your success story this year.

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Hi KG, Happy New year to you..I got a message from Ibi regarding another job reference. I’ll like to remain anonymous until full confirmation has been given to me but let me start by thanking again for creating this platform as by God’s grace this would be my 3rd contract since completing my training in 2014 and I’ve not for once being out of contract..All thanks to God and CI…
Remain blessed!

Success Story:
Morning to you KG.
I’ll continue to give thanks to God Almighty as there’s great news and this is just the start of the year.
I have been offered a Programme Office Manager – Regulatory contract role with an eminent financial services and this would be my third contract since completing my training in March 2014 and there’s been no gaps in these roles. Also they have accepted any start date from me as my current contract ends this monthend.
Thank you so much for your relentless hard work as this reflects in your organisation and its affiliate.
I wish you more success in this new year.
I’ll like to remain anonymous due to the nature of this role.

Not sure I told u but I got offered a lot more money than advertised for role. It’s a permanent role with fantastic benefits . They wanted me so bad they upped the salary so inept go for other offers I had

Thank God and thank you !

Hi Keji. Started my new job today, for some reason they only needed one reference from me from my previous employer, Harrods. However still want to give success story.
I wasn’t able to attend yesterday’s session , was it recorded so I can listen to?
I am interesting in being a mentor too so will like to know who to contact to do that.
Lastly, found a dbt alumni here, Pearl Humphrey ! Nice to see a familiar face .

Yes we are, so far good . Learning a whole lot ! And DBT experience has come in very handy !

From the way we write briefs to requirements etc, all the same !


It’s time you stop questioning wondering if it’s possible for you and start asking why not you too.

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