First Surprise In 2016 Candidate Secures A Project Manager Role


So here is how the first day of work for the new year started out…

I got a nice surprise in the post from a very satisfied candidate who just secured a role and an all inspiring success story from another candidate via email.bb1

What a way to start the new year.

Check it out:


Dear Keji

Please share my success story.

I joined DBT in October 2015. I did my training in Manchester for 4 Saturdays. From the onset, I was determined to succeed and believed that I would be one of the people to share a success story.


From the second week of training, I started to participate in projects, Phantom and Matrix 2. In the second month I applied for the position of Project Coordinator in Phantom and really got my hands dirty. Another position arose in Matrix 2 for Deputy Project Manager and realising that it could be another opportunity to learn, I grabbed the post. On the other hand, I gave myself a target to complete my online training by the second month and I was able to select my mentor Adeshola Cole. Working with Adeshola has been the best part of my journey at DBT. She held my hand, encouraged me and assisted me to prepare for my first interview.

Today 3 months after joining DBT, I have attended my very first interview and being in DBT gave me the confidence to succeed. I have been offered a job as a Project Manager to start beginning of January 2016.

I want to encourage everyone who has joined DBT to believe in yourselves, work hard and know that involvement in projects is the key.

I really want to thank you for giving people the opportunity to gain experience and develop their careers. May the Lord continue to bless you.

Kind Regards,

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