Couples Do Better On Our eWorkexperience Platform | She Secures a Project Manager Role 3 Months After Her Husband Secured His PM Role On Our eWorkexperience

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“Hey Keji, here is my success story. Firstly, I wonna say big up to the DBT massive. Lol jokes. But for real a big thank you to my hub for his constant support and pushing me further. Part of my success was hearing my hubs say he is proud of me.

I was kind of complaining to him I wanted a career change for such a long time. So my hubs said why don’t you try DBT, so I did!

I joined DBT in April 2016. Started the platform and thought all this is abit confusing. Anyway that wasn’t even the difficulty. The difficulty was “1” laptop 2 DBT candidates. Imagine meetings at the same time. I got annoyed and made him buy me a laptop and not just any laptop a fancy one. *wink wink* so I was able to DBT and so was he.
About 2 and half months later he said I should apply I didn’t listen because I knew I wasn’t ready. But I then started to contact my mentor ROTIMI! Big up to Rotimi for all her support she was like confidence is key because I knew everything I needed to know. Also she would say to me “trust me, you can get a job, ur already a professional”.

But Keji remember when we had that talk about husband and wife trying to teach each other. Mate you was right. Lol

There is so much I could say about my journey but it’s too much.

Let’s just say I got the Job on my FIRST face to face interview!!!

Big thanks Jide Adeoye, Rotimi Ige, Kehinde Etti, Abiodun Idowu, and many more including everyone on the DBT platform!

Thanks Guys n God bless you in Jesus name. AMEN!”


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