Daniel Secures A Junior Business Analyst Role With Oracle


My name is Daniel, if you look at my age today, one would have expected me to have graduated from university as far back as  7-8 years ago, however, due to life challenges this was not the case.

I came into the UK roughly 5 years ago and did my degree in three years, graduating 2011 December, and as of last year, I was still looking for a job related to my field of study in the university.

I came to Keji’s programme February, 2012, even though I was working with Sky as an engineer, however, challenging it was, I created time to attend the programme. Sometimes I had snick in and switch off my P.D.A during work so as not to be distracted by in coming calls which often times might mean being asked to do some other jobs. I was keen to gain as much knowledge as I could about the programme.

Looking back now, I knew that I had accumulated about 10 years of failure, but as of Thursday last week, God did His miracle.

I went for an interview for Oracle technical consultancy role, out of 11,000 applicants, I was among the 6 successful applicants.

At this point, I would like to add that most of the information I got from Keji during the programme and work experience, I used at the interview, even though it was a year, they were still very fresh in my mind.

I was able to demonstrate that I had actually handled several responsibilities and communicated effectively and appropriately during the interview and with God’s favour I shined.

I want to encourage everyone reading my success story that most of all, the training will help  you make the best use of the opportunities that comes your way.



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