Daniel secures his dream job after a previous job offer earlier this week.


daniel-asuzuWhere would you rather be?

A training centre that shows you pictures of people in class rooms asking you to come and join their training program


A boot camp focused on getting people into high paying dream roles, posting success stories of candidates securing high paying PM & BA jobs each week.

It’s a no brainier really!

1899902_10152736311019043_2520912430909637329_nIf you are looking for intensive hands on training & practical work experience with a reputable company that is well known for having the best candidates among recruiters, then you want to be on the Career Insights training program where you are sure to receive:

1. Guaranteed work experience
2. On the job support from experts in the field
3. Work on live & innovative projects
4. Get trained to use industry standard tools
5. Have your CV professionally written for you
6. Get yourself a personal mentor to prep you for interviews
7. And finally share your success story.

Oh! Let’s not forget, you also get paid to be an ambassador of Career Insights. Earn why you learn. Up to £1000 a mth

And when you have gained enough skills & experience as a paid PM & BA, come back and earn up to £4000 a mth mentoring new candidates.

I bet you didn’t know this. 

Just check out Otillia, she joined us earlier this year, secured a PM job with Queens Mary University and now she has joined our long list of prestige mentors.

When it comes to securing a rewarding career in project management or business analysis by gaining practical work experience and on the job support, if it’s not with Career Insights, then what on earth are you doing there?

Time is money! And you need to be making a big deal of it not throwing it all away.

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