DBT Candidates Prepare To Launch The World's First SME Referral App For Android

ci-ref2It’s been almost 8 weeks since the CI Referral team started working on the BankMyPals app. A referral app for small businesses using Paypal’s mass payment API and fully integrated into salesforce for lead generation. The plan is to build the app on two major mobile platforms. iOS and Android.

It was decided upon to start application development first on android given that it’s much easier to debug and they have the largest market share among smartphone users. Just over 70% of the smartphone market share belongs to Android while around 20% belongs to iOS according to Neilson report. This research would have had to be carried out by the business team within the DBT Programme Office and a business case presented to gain authorisation to proceed to the plan, assemble and control stage before implementation. below are the keyscreens created for the app.

android-1 android-7 android-6 android-5 android-4 android-3 android-2
Since we were deploying the application on two major platforms, it was advisable to deploy in phases mainly because it would be better to build the first phase in bits and bobs, delivering on an incremental basis, giving room for feedback, responding to changes and working collaboratively across functional teams in order to deliver a working software customers actually want to use. Once we have successfully deployed the app on android using this agile form of methodology, we can then use the waterfall approach to build and deploy the iOS version because we are literally just replicating the same application on another platform. All we will be doing is slightly re-tweaking the GUI and user experience for iOS users while making web services calls to APIs already in place. It’s a lot faster, cost effective and a lot more efficient in the long run.

Now you can only but imagine the wealth of experience and applied knowledge gained by our candidates who worked on this project who are now preparing to launch it within a week or two. If you have ever wondered why over 20 of our candidates move on to secure high paying project management and business analysis jobs right after successfully deploying a DBT project, I guess now you know why.

They completed their intensive weekly or weekend hands on training program and spent  8 – 12 weeks working our one of our innovative live tech based projects with something to show employers when they go for job interviews. You can see snapshots of their work on basecamp below:
Screenshot 2015-04-24 10.56.05Screenshot 2015-04-24 10.58.57Screenshot 2015-04-24 10.59.27

Screenshot 2015-04-24 10.58.57


Check out the most active team members and their last communication before deployment. What a team to be proud of. All credit goes to them for a fantastic job well done.

IMG_5697.png IMG_5696.png IMG_5698.png
IMG_5699.png IMG_5705 IMG_5704
IMG_5703 IMG_5702 IMG_5701



I want to take this time to congratulate everyone on the CI Referrals System project and after testing the app myself, I must say that you have done a hell of a job. Well done guys.

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