Debbie Secures A PMO Analyst Role With KPMG


Fed up of your current job? Feel you deserve better? Think you have more to offer?

Believe you should be earning way more that what you are earning right now?

Then be like Debbie and over 3,000 of our successful candidates.

Her success story just came in:

Good evening Keji, how are you?

Please be expecting a reference request from KPMG for a PMO Analyst role for Debbie Babalola.


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Yes it is too good to be true but that doesn’t change the fact that it is true.

This will probably shock you even more:

Last year we celebrated over 200 success stories at the DBT Awards ( and this year we will be celebrating over 330 candidates including Debbie.

Where will you be? Think about it later and read on…


Let’s share a little secret:

Where do we get the money deliver over 30 innovative live digital projects at anytime and create an environment for thousands of people to gain practical work experience?

That’s pretty simple!

We train on average 1,200 candidates a year brining in close to £1m in revenue.

What we don’t charge for is work experience. That will be illegal. You pay us to train you and we allow you to work on our projects voluntarily until you secure your first PM or BA role.

It’s a win win situation. We get a lot of free staff resource and you get the practical work experience required within 12 weeks to secure a PM or BA role paying up to £11,000 a month.

We also provide digital optimisation and transformation to top banks within the emerging market bringing in close to the same revenue as our training. This gives you a lot of experience within the banking sector. This is why a great deal of our candidates work for Barclays, RBS, HSBC, Santander and so many more banks.

Check out our parent company and enjoy reading our case studies:

What does this all mean?

It means we can afford to have a full software and QA house in Ukraine, a creative UX and UI team in Portugal while our business strategy team and programme office resides in the UK, giving you the opportunity to gain practical work experience in project management and business analysis.

We have tonnes of copy cats out there trying to make a few bucks and they are always way cheaper however you get what you pay for. No job and money down the drain.

If you are serious about your career and determined to make a change, then give us a call and join our 2,700+ ecosystem.

Remember we are not cheap because quality isn’t however you will get exactly what you came here for if you put in the work required.

We are proud for a reason – proud of the success of our candidates and we want you to join our long list of success stories.

Call us and let’s have a friendly chat about your future: 020 3793 7731


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