December 2014: Candidate Secures A Junior PM Role With Westminster Council

Westminster City Council12-032605Hello Keji,

This year has been somewhat trying for me …. but to God be the glory I enrolled with Career Insights in January 2014 and I can gladly say that today I signed my contract for Junior PM with on of London’s biggest Boroughs (Westminster Council).  I am over the moon and big thanks to you (who’s been empowered by the Most High to bless and empower people).  It has been a dream of mine to change my career for over 5 years but now it’s a reality.  God bless you Keji .
I want to encourage my colleagues TODDWEGO & GLOBAL VISION who are still pushing; we were the 1st weekend session of the year 2014 and success shall continue to reign.  This cake is too big so get up take a chunk.

To my team mates THE EQUALIZER, OLEKU DEALS TEAM, MONEYTRAIN, TRADING PLACES – thank you all for the support you have accorded me. The Anointing flows from the head down so I know this only the beginning.

Thank you thank you to Tolu Titiloye , Chinyere Ibeh, Davidson Afambu, Shakoor Ghani, John Achu and Dan Asuzu for the constant push and belief in me.

Those who stood by me and all the friends I have made along the way Maduka, Ngozi Wakama, Oby Ibeanu,  Oluyinka Owolabi and the team, Seun B, Tutu Ajayi, Beatrice, Toyin Famuyiwa, David Agumbamah, Ginika, Maria Adu, Olaitan, Omoh, Ola Ememerah Ogunfolaju , Callistus and the list goes on …. (It is not my intention to omit anyone but if I go on Keji might not post this lol….)  You all rock and you have made this DBT family ace for me.

Adore, Caroline, Foluke and Ayo Nunu thank you immensely for your support and directions.  Thumbs up – see your work flourish in the lives of those you have enriched. Keji’s angels well done …

Much love and hugs  to y’all.  God bless you all and in the famous words of Adore “See you on TOP”.
I am ending this year on a high as this is the  BEST year end present I could ever have imagined !!! 

Keji   this song is for you ….. “Aint nothing gonna break my stride. Nobodys gonna slow me down, oh no, I’ve got to keep on moving.  Aint nothing gonna break my stride. Im running and I wont touch ground, oh no, I’ve got to keep on moving”.

DBT IS HERE FOR THE LONG HAUL!!.   God bless and anoint you with His goodness always.
Kind Regards,
Debbie Diali
Project Manager
The Equalizer
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