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Everyone who has ever had the chance to go on our website or speak with one of our representatives or candidate knows our favourite phrase at career insights is ‘get your hands dirty’ and as we receive success stories from our hardworking candidates everyday, the one thing they mention is how they got busy and got their hands dirty by getting involved in projects and painstakingly attending meetings against all odds, and the beauty comes when the success story lands and then they see their hard work pay off. Like the biblical allusion, ‘we were like them that dream’.

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Hi Keji, I’ve just been offered a role as a BA and the company may get in contact with you asking for a reference at some point! I just wanted to let you know. Thank you

Hi Keji please see below, Could I please be kept anonymous on social media platforms. Thank you

I first joined the CI platform in October 2016. I had recently graduated and had been working as an assistant architect for about a year, at this point I had realised that architecture was not for me and began looking for another career path that would provide a better work life balance and pay packet. After being introduced to CI by my mum, I joined and got stuck in trying to learn about the BA role. I joined Hunger Games and Family Home Funds and got stuck in writing minutes and taking on tasks whenever I got the chance.

Then digital transformation fever took over and all the projects I was working on were halted. I joined DX-SMS and DX-Governance but it wasn’t until I got the role of Digital BA on DX DM Search Marketing and Analytics that I was really able to get my hands dirty and really start learning. The project had its ups and downs, but I was fortunate to meet a lot of hard working people, I went part time and then quit my job altogether in order to focus on DBT and then take the BA foundation exam.

If I were to give any advice to people I would say that you really have to be patient and be ready to put the time in. Showing up to meetings isn’t enough on its own, I learned the most when I took on roles that I thought I wasn’t ready for and then did the research to make myself ready. I made mistakes but picked myself up and carried on reading and learning.

I wanted to thank a few people who worked with me on the platform. A big thank you to George Odijie my mentor and everyone in my mentor group, Bankole Peters, David Oyekunle, Sophia Mekoma, Nike Nnadi, Rathiga Santhamoorthy, Lizzie Aluko and Hellen Edwins, Caroline Nnadi, Samantha Danso, Tosin Ogundere, Stephanie Ijeomah, Kenneth Nwokocha, Charles Nwaji and so many other hard-working people! Apologies if I didn’t mention your name!

I am looking forward to staying on the platform as a Senior BA and continuing to get my hands dirty!

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