Didi Secures A Partnership and PSO role with a Council Using eWorkexperience


Its Didi Just a quick success story. I’ve secured a Patnership and PSO role with a Council. It’s 6months contract which i started yesterday. I applied and was interviewed for just PSO role but they offered me a higher one to work with their business partner and i would be setting up a PMO office for them.

My thanks to: my mentor Yetunde Kolawole for holding my hand up during the interview process. She is so passionate with her mentees and even more of a sister to me. Her scenario- based mentoring approach is second to none. My all time super mentor Mama Hawk for her chat group which i termed as a Knowledge base, and to Chidi Nwabueze for all the encouraging words and smart ideas, you rock bro. Doye, Emmanuel and all the wonderful people on the platform, thank you all.

I was told yesterday they got blown away when i explained the WAGILE methodology, the tools i’ve used for effectively managing Stakeholders and the excellent strucutre DBT has got in place in managing their projects. All these i learnt on this platform.

God bless you Keji, i look forward to sharing my BA success story soon.


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