Digital growth is changing everything!

In this era of technology, we all are surrounded by data in our personal and professional lives. In your day-to-day life, you use laptops, headphones, tablets, hard drives, cameras, and many more devices each day. It’s no surprise that the mobile phone is now a very dominant part of our lives, and organisations are not left out of these (not so) new dawn.

With digital transformation making waves and enhanced capabilities such as AI available, companies are now managing their operations more intelligently — optimizing budgets, adding computational power, implementing cloud-based and machine learning analytics, and hiring talented data scientists and digital experts! — Now this is where you need Career Insights because we teach and train you to become experts in these areas!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising digital marketing

How social and mobile are revolutionising digital marketing using AI


How prepared are you for the digital age?



Few years from now, human labor will drop by 50%, is your skill set now sustainable for this new era? Many will be put out of job or simply become redundant, and only people who have equipped themselves with the right (digital) skills will stay relevant, working much coveted high paying jobs. The opportunities are right in front of you, you just need to take advantage of it!

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43 success stories from our candidates in the month of June!

From 30 success stories monthly to 43 success stories in the month of June 2018 alone, we are beyond elated by how our candidates securing high paying jobs at major corporations around the world. Feats like this is what really makes it worth, and this is the part we ask, “What are you waiting for and why haven’t you joined our amazing platform yet?”

Check out some our amazing success stories this month and be Inspired!

She Secured an IT PMO Role!


He secured a business intelligence analyst role

Finally, I Got the Offer for a Digital Business Analyst Role!

I am now a Senior Business Systems Analyst

She secured a scrum master job, her 3rd role since joining Career Insights

She Secured a GDPR Manager Role with One of the World’s Largest Universities


His 1st job was a project support role, now he’s a data and business intelligence analyst

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