Digital Hybrid Roles is The New Rave

digital hybrid roles, career insights success story

Hello Keji. I have been offered a role as a PM for a cloud based company. Sterling Talent Solutions shall be contacting you for my reference. I had pointed out that l worked for DBT from May 2016 to 30 May 2017 as a hybrid PMO/ Business Analysts. I will be able to publish this on telegram sometime next week once my background checks are over. Many thanks.

Thanks Keji. It’s all from DBT, what a difference it makes to our life. It’s a wealth of knowledge. It’s so helpful during work experience, whilst at work and when attending interviews. God bless you

HYBrid role career insights success story

PMO role secured

PMO role secured, career insights success story

Good evening sir

Hope all is well sir?

I went for an interview today and i was called today that i got the job for the role of PMO support officer

They will be contacting you for reference next week

Thank you sir

Will send my success story soon

PMO role secured, career insights success story

Her Success Story leaves her in shock

digital hybrid roles, career insights success story

Hi Keji hope you’re well. Just a little background. Currently I am 92% on ework experience and will be qualifying for mentoring stage soon. I have gone through 2 mentors plus (for pm with Caroline A and planning with Oludare) I will be looking to job hunt in the next 2–3weeks. Quit my job nearly 3 months ago and joined DBT.Previously worked for EE for 2 years as a PROJECT Coordinator. Have been working tirelessly to gain PM experience and its been going great here at DBT. However,My concern is as I am close to broke, by the time the DMI certification is rolled out I will probably have secured a role,and will be unlikely to have money to pay for the DMI accreditation, so therefore I would not get a reference from yourself as cant afford the accreditation. Please advise what I can do in this case. Thank you

Hi Keji, success story loading:scream::scream:, fingers still trembling and sitting in shock. Could you kindly keep me anonymous even on telegram. They haven’t asked for a reference yet,they would like me to start Wednesday, interview was this morning ( gdpr-pm role)

Don’t wait too long to get your own success story, so many success stories already recorded just this year. Get up and do something about it.

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