Digital Landlord – We have Started painting!

In 3–4 months our luxury 4 bed homes in Osapa London, Called Oasis Park will be full complete and ready for Nigerians in diaspora, expatriates and tourists to Shortlet with complete peace of mind and comfort at its best.

The estate comes with 24–7 electricity, clean water, security (gated estate with a team of security guards), a swimming pool, gym and dedicated chef.

You can also get a chauffeur as an add on.

You should expect contemporary luxury at its finest and it’s meant to be a home away from home.

If you are planning to travel to Nigeria this Christmas, you can get a room or rent out the entire house. Both options are subject to availability.

We will be launching our Shortlethomes website pretty soon where you can make your bookings or register as an agent to earn income from renting these luxurious homes.

If your friend gets to stay at any of our homes you get paid or you could take things a step further and buy into this investment from as low as £500 and earn up to or over 20% on your investment with the option to be exit at the value of the house then. This means your investment plus capital gain.

Become a Digital Landlord today.

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