Step By Step Guide To Securing Your Digital PMO Analyst Role From A Successful Candidate



You will rise and shine in July just like this candidate has just done.

Our first success story of the month and the 7th this week.

My Success Story

Hi Keji.,

I’m happy to inform you that I just secured a Digital PMO role with a high profile security organisation

I joined DBT in June 2015 after being discouraged by friends who had attended and couldn’t get a job after a few months with DBT. I considered coming because after attending a shabby cheap training I tried to secure a job with no success. I’m Prince2 certified and I have an understanding of project management but that wasn’t enough because I was told in interviews I was good but not strong enough. The week of my training I fasted because I wanted a change in my life. after almost 2 years of job search with no success When I came I had this beautiful feeling I was making a very good decision in my life. I got my hands dirty on projects such as I robot, fast and furious , Tech Phoenix 2 and some other wonderful projects where I was involved in minute taking, anchoring RAIds, report writing, planning etc.

My advice to everyone is that

1. Continue to keep your hands dirty, don’t be discouraged about what people say or are saying about DBT.

2.Have a game plan of what you want ( Type of role) and when you want it ( Time)

3. Learn everything both PM and BA and be involved. In the interview I was asked to explain what I use JIRA and Confluence for ( Imagine if I was only stuck with report writing!)

3. Take advantage of the ecosystem, watch the videos not just to get a mentor but to learn, practice and understand them, from Olyne’s interview video I got the tell me about yourself, I got tips from Charley, Yetunde and Oladiran’s video even though they were not my mentors.

4. If you ask for help from someone and you don’t get it, don’t be discouraged, look around, keep asking and you will surely get help. Read, read and research, you can’t go wrong on that!

5. Take ownership of projects by supporting team members and ask to help if they can’t do their tasks trust me you’ll gain tremendously.

6. Don’t be discouraged, your own stop will be here soon!

Overall thanks to God for his favour, Keji for this Platform , my mentor Ola Mark- Okotie for holding my hand and pushing me and to all the wonderful people that I rode on their shoulders to succeed. God bless you all in Jesus name!


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