Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content & Social Media Marketing

Content & Social Media Marketing

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Your Digital Future Awaits

Digital technologies have changed the way we work, live and communicate. This huge shift has created challenges for many businesses, making it essential for you as a professional to keep advancing and progressing your career.

We are passionate about digital marketing because we have used it to achieve our business goals over the last 10 years (Our Journey).

This program provides an in-depth and comprehensive introduction to the core essentials of digital marketing. Validated by the Digital Marketing Institutes Industry Advisory Council, the learning content is informed and designed by experts and offers learners the opportunity to gain a globally recognised professional certification.

Why should I earn this certification?

  • Future-proof your career by gaining the latest and most up-to-date digital marketing skills needed to thrive in today’s ever-evolving digital economy. By becoming a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, you will be prepared to take up a more evolved role in the overall marketing field and ensure you are equipped with the tools and skills needed to create a cohesive, effective online strategy.


  • By earning this certification you will be able to conduct digital research, set business objectives for campaigns, establish, develop and optimize digital strategies. You will learn to create and curate content, manage paid and organic campaigns via various social channels, design effective emails and understand how analytics can be used to illustrate a variety of factors


  • This certification is ideal for a wide range of professionals including Marketing Executives, Managers, IT Managers and Senior Management. It is also ideal for small business owners or anyone involved in the planning, implementation or measurement of digital strategies, along with anyone keen to pursue a career in digital marketing. Becoming a Certified Digital Marketing Professional will benefit you regardless of your skills or experience and will empower you to maximize the impact of your marketing through powerful digital tools.


  • With your accreditation you will also get join accreditation from DMI and Digital Bananas Technology certifying you as a Digital Product Owner with applied knowledge and experience in digital transformation and optimisation.

What will I accomplish?

Upon successful completion of a 3-hour computer-based examination, candidates will be awarded the world’s most widely recognized digital marketing certification.

Certified professionals will gain the confidence needed to create and steer a revenue-generating digital marketing strategy for companies of any size. An internationally recognised certified professional badge will also be available for you to display upon on your LinkedIn profile.


There are seven modules in this program:

  1. Website Optimization
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. SEO
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Analytics
  1. Digital Strategy

Module Descriptions:

Website Optimization

The website optimization module will teach you how to build and publish a well-designed, high performing and optimized website that is aligned to your business goals. You will be guided through the key components of web design to design, create and publish an effective website and choose the most suitable hosting option based on your budget and business objectives.

Through this module you will gain insight into the importance of optimization, be able to identify the principles of good web design and realise how to attract potential customers with effective content and copy. This module will help you to understand how to use your website for insight, tracking, measurement and data capture using various metrics and tools.

Content Marketing

The content marketing module will enable you to develop the knowledge and skills to plan and execute a content marketing strategy in a persona-orientated, data-driven way informed by your business objectives, aligned with a buyer journey and fits an overall marketing strategy.

By the end of this module you will understand the fundamentals of content marketing, be able to initiate a content marketing strategy, create and curate compelling content and learn how to extend the value of your content through scheduling tools and different promotion methods to distribute content across a variety of platforms.

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing module will enable you to apply social media concepts and best practices to both organic and paid marketing activities. This will teach you to run campaigns that yield a positive ROI across a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram. You will understand the fundamental principles of social media marketing and be able to identify key stages in the buyer’s journey.

You will gain an insight into building and maintaining an active community on social media platforms. Alongside this, you will learn about the value of reporting on advertising campaigns across relevant channels using advanced and paid advertising tools.


The SEO module will enable you to build an organic search marketing strategy that brings the right kind of visitors to your website. You will learn how to boost online conversions, stand out in the fiercely competitive online marketplace and protect a positive ROI.

Through the SEO module you will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of SEO, how it differs from paid search, be able to set SEO objectives, build an SEO content strategy and boost your websites organic search ranking using a range of technical elements. Alongside this, you will be able to judge the success of your overall SEO efforts by monitoring the sources of traffic to your website and other key metrics.

Email Marketing

The Email Marketing module will teach you how to construct and deliver an effective email marketing campaign. You will learn the fundamentals of email including how to strategize a delivery plan to test, optimize and report on the performance of campaigns. This module will also help you understand the impact of permissions, mobile, buyer journey and the marketing lifecycle.

By the end of this module, you will be able to apply the core principles, techniques and actions for developing a high performing email marketing strategy. It will also ensure that you can design effective emails that generate leads, retain customers and inspire evangelists.


This module will teach you the basic concepts of using analytics in digital marketing, from initial set- up to detailed reporting. You will be able to recognise the fundamentals of web analytics to draw actionable conclusions from data and create a Google Analytics account to gain insight into traffic and audiences. With this, you will be able to set goals for a business website and know how analytical tools can measure these goals.

By the end of this module, you will be able to conduct analysis and iteration of campaigns by tracking and assessing conversions, reporting technical performance and reviewing KPIs.

Digital Strategy

The digital strategy module uses the PROPEL (Plan, Research, Objectives, Propose, Execute and Learn) planning model to teach you, in a step-by-step fashion, how to design complex, long term digital marketing strategies that service both marketing and commercial objectives.

This module will enable you to set objectives for clear and measurable KPIs and prepare a strategic plan incorporating content, search and creative strategies. You will learn how to develop a media plan with a structured approach to budgeting, resource allocation and channel selection.

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Keji Giwa is a Digital Solutions Consultant for FirstBank of Nigeria with over 15 years digital expertise in digital marketing and digital transformation. His team was responsible for the successful revamp of the bank’s global web portal he is now working closely with the bank’s digital team on their big data analytics initiatives.

Digital Bananas Technology. In 2012 his app GrantMyWish was short listed for the 2012 Customer Innovations Awards in customer experience and he is currently the Founder & CEO of Digital Bananas Technology.


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