Candidate Secures A Performance Analyst Role.


A lot of our candidates tell us that they were discouraged before joining us.

Colleagues & friends will say things like this to them:

“Why waste money on a training and work experience that will never secure you a PM or BA job. You have an accent, we are all stuck in this dead end job forever. Just accept your faith. Why are you so special? Why should you be given the job because you went to Career Insights? You are still like us and people like us don’t get jobs like that.”

Thank God they never listened to them.

Those colleagues and friends laughed at our candidates because they chose to be different. Today our candidates are laughing at them because they are all the same and still stuck in their dead end job.

This is what being different looks like:

Hi KG,
I wish to remain anonymous. I got a job as a Performance Analyst. I started my training two weeks ago and digested all the training instantly. The key points were the SWOT and MOSCOW part of training taught by Adesola Cole and I used it in my interview extensively.
Thank you so much for this platform and I intend to stay to learn more.

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Dare to be different:

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