Dream Big 2016 The Year Of Exponential Growth


In 2015, we declared it our year of multiplication and taking dominion.

We prayed about it, put pen to paper and created a strategic plan and direction for the year.

This we did by November 2014, then came December, we committed it all to prayer.

It is now December 2015 and we have seen our success stories and revenue multiply as we also expanded into Nigeria securing a digital optimisation contract with the biggest banking brand in Nigeria. We took dominion of the practical work experience market and carved a niche for ourselves.

Now we are stepping into 2016 and I want you to tap into the vision and mandate for the new year.

It will be a year of exponential growth. We will not only help more people secure amazing high paying jobs but we will help a great deal start their own businesses and nurture them to success. Exponential growth involves empowering others to succeed.

Yesterday I encouraged my friends by informing them that 2016 was our year of double portions and quadruple blessings.


10+10= 20 meaning double portion
4* 4 = 16 meaning quadruple portion

Year 2016

Sounds like a joke right? That’s what some said last year and look at us today.

Then I had a dream last night…. I dream a lot. Dreamers have redefined the world we live in today. If you ain’t dreaming you ain’t living.

I found myself in a castle like / mansion house, needed some doing up and it was all mine and my partner was helping me decide how best to monetise it.

It had 16 rooms and it’s door number was 20.


I declare 2016 will be your year of exponential growth.

I will be back in the UK next week and will hold a number of free sessions prepping everyone for the harvest ahead of us.

Faith without works is dead. You must always be a person of faith but always be ready to put in the work.

We see what we do here as not just a business but a ministry. It’s sole purpose is to transform lives through Career Insights and reward excellence through the DBT Awards.

You can either be a spectator or an active player. The choice is yours.

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Don’t watch the 2016 DBT awards next year online, let people watch you being celebrated online.


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