Due to my BA/PM experience with CI, I qualified to buy a franchise into an international chain of football schools

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Hello Keji. My name is XXX XXXX, I live and work in Lagos Nigeria. Here’s my own CI success story, it may be quite different from other success stories you receive on a daily but for me, I’m excited and proud to have joined the DBT family. I came across Career insights for the first time on Instagram sponsored Ads late 2016 and after a few months I was able to save up some money and pay for 3months subscription. I was still working for an e-commerce company here in Lagos as a commercial planner and prize analyst. The salary wasn’t very impressive but the experience was great.

Since my university days and for a very long time I have always wished and never stopped dreaming of running my own business right here in Nigeria, and today I can proudly say that joining the CI family has helped me achieve this and making my dreams come to reality.

Due to my BA/PM experience with CI, I qualified to buy a franchise into an international chain of football schools. The football academy have their HQ in Europe and today I’m proud to be the first person representing them right here in Lagos Nigeria. With my experience in Digital marketing, I have been able to recruit clients online to subscribe into our academy, we’re only a few weeks of operations in Lagos and already have a couple clients interested in signing up their kids into the academy.

I’m really excited about this project and looking forward to gaining more experience with the entire DBT family. I’m also an investor in the Digital Landlord project, I’m proud any day and any time to call Mr. Keji my #1 Mentor, you’ve inspired me a lot and I’m looking forward to having more partnerships with the DBT family. Thank you so much Sir, and may God continue to bless you as you never stop being an inspiration to others. 🙏🏽

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