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We have received so many success stories just within the year 2018. We want to inspire you with some of the best so far. These candidates do not have two heads, all they did was get started with DBT and their lives changed. Now they are digital experts with business intelligence, working as analysts for the best companies all around the world.

So what’s holding you back? You can do it, you can be one of us too. Keep reading these success and hopefully by the end of the last story, you will know that the time to jump on this train and kick start your digital career is now!

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He Secured a Data Analyst Role using our eWorkexperience Platform

“Good evening sir, A company will be contacting you for references based an immediate position starting Thursdays.

It is for a month contract

The position is for a data and collation analyst

Thanks very much

Yes, I will prepare my success story and send it to your mail”

Exciting New Opportunities for this Candidate as he Secures a Data Analyst Role

“I have been offered a data analyst role at and they will require a reference from you soon. Is this email address the right one to reach you on ? — “”

Up till today I was the lead BA on CIP digital landlord. The role is promising because of the opportunity it will expose me to, business intelligence using IBM cognos, SQL, stock management applications like Northgate and apex”




I just secured my 2nd role with the business intelligence team at the NHS

Be inspired:

“Hi Keji,XXXXX here again. Thanks for taking my call earlier. Please find my story below. I respectfully ask that I be made annonymous on this occassion please

Hi Keji

This is XXXXXX (formerly XXXXXXXXX), an Alumni and previous success story candidate, active on Base camp 2. February 2014 — February 2015.

Please could I ask all reference to my name be omitted on this ocassoon, for security purposes.

I have secured a further role with the NHS as a. Business Analyst with a BI Team, and would appreciate another reference from you.

It’s a continuous success story.

My previous role was a success story on the platform over 2 years ago, which kept me rather busy indeed! I returned to the platform nearing the end of my. 2 year contract last February, paid my subscription and gradually worked my way through, whilst applying for roles and before long. Got a new role in BI, as a Business Analyst.

My evidential work is found in Base camp 2 under my previous name of XXXXXXXXX. The involvement in projects and getting the hannds dirty frm the onset is a must. I started out testing the “here’s my card app” and the rest is history and can be viewed on basecamp 2.

Please expect the reference request in my new name,(Though they may make mention of my previous surname too)


Thank you once again

my advise to candidates would be to find a project or two and put in a 110 percent, involve yourselves in a project, get your hands dirty from the onset, taking minutes is a good way to get a feel of projects in general. Whatever you do, dont try to join all projects, you will get lost and really end up being half baked. Find one or two that interest you and attend all the meetings, ask questions, sign up for tasks and observe training sessions. The videos and material on the platform are very good too. Don’t be reluctant to take on roles, the team is very helpful and supportive.”

My experience at DBT has landed me another role as a Service Analyst

Be inspired

“Good Evening Keji
Please I’ll need a reference for the period of June 2014 to January 2015. I have been offered a service analyst role with a government organisation and need to go through the security checks.
I joined Career Insights in March 2014. After my intensive training I took a while before I finally got involved in the CI Mentoring Project (Project 24). The experience was instrumental in helping to land a BA contract which I completed some time ago. I have moved on to service management roles afterwards, but I have found the foundation knowledge in business analysis extremely helpful. And being able to understand how business analysis fits into other aspects of IT has been valuable in being able to keep up in meetings. About two weeks ago I got called for a new role. I had the phone interview on Wednesday and was quickly booked for a face to face on Friday. The Friday interview ended up being a quick overview of programme plans and the direction it is heading in. The business change manager was impressed by my understanding and knowledge and I was asked to start the role last week. Please keep me anonymous as I need to undergo security checks due to exposure to sensitive information.
Kind Regards


Four Job Offers as a Portfolio Analyst managing their portfolio and programme with daily rates in excess of £500 p/day. Be inspired!

This is her second role since joining Digital Bananas Technology and all the employers wanted to know was about her time with us working on our Digital Transformation initiatives. She just secured a big one with as a Portfolio Analyst managing the portfolio and programme and all 4 offers where from FTSE 500 companies with daily rates in excess of £500 p/day

Be inspired

“Hi Keji, success story number 2 and I give God all the praise. Please keep me anonymous from all social media platforms and blank out the companies. I currently have 4 job offers and am truly grateful to God almighty. The first is with a top UK Bank, the second is with a large organisation which I cannot disclose the third is with a major railway company and the fourth is with another large organisation. Firstly I want to say a big thank you to my husband, children and sister in law on this platform XXXXXXX for their continuos support. I also want to say a massive thank you to my mentor and boss Femi Adedoyin for his continuos support OMD did he prep me for all my interviews at one point I told him I hoped the interviewer would not be like him. I am also proud to say I am one of his students on mentor plus and I have gained more than I bargained for. I want to say a big thank you to another great friend and mentor Kemi Ademiju for also prepping me up for all my interviews together with Femi they got the best out of me. To my sister from a different mother DB for her support. A massive thank you to Rachael Soyombo for working with me on the project plan, to Vivien Akinmade for prepping me, Shola Oshiyemi, Ola Bakare for helping me with my presentation for the interview, Kenneth Nwokocha my right hand man, Babajide Arigbabu, Chris Jatto, Ify Onochie, Funto Akinbisehin for your love, Tutu Kasali for introducing me to DBT, Tina Osanupin, Michelle Hoyte, Afeezat Shutti, Hammed Sule my brother from a different mama, Josiah Famurerah, Seun Kuku, Sandra Malandra, Oludare Olurunfemi and everyone from the programme office. Forgive me if I forgot to mention your name. Keji during all the interviews they were only interested in one place and that was DBT at one of the interviews the interviewers said to me forget about the other places you have worked and just tell me about DBT and the digital transformation. I want to say thank you for this beautiful platform. I will continue to encourage everyone to get their hands dirty continue to push yourselves and your time will surely come. Having 4 offers is the Grace of God and now I am the one calling the shots.”

A word from our Founder & CEO, Keji Giwa

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