Esther Secures A PMO/ Project Coordinator Role With Macmillan Using Our eWorkexperience Platform


Hello Keji here is my success story. My name is Esther Enije sometimes called Bode. I joined CI 22nd February and just secured a role with Macmillan education a publishing company as PMO/ project coordinator. After my training I joined three projects and was offered a Pm role for CI spectre and Digi Afri headhunters / skills search and had a lot of wonderful people who supported me thus far.

My mentor Rotimi God bless her encouraged me through out my journey interviews and what not…. I had a lot of issues with family finances and even a place to stay it was difficult managing my role and issues but Sandra Bolaji and YINKA all helped me overcome the issues and am grateful for all of their support . I haven’t been asked for reference and I started work yesterday.

I just wanted you to know that without the platform u have created I wouldn’t have come this far. My interview process for this job involved a test to create a project plan for creating a company care app , raids log and status report to stakeholders … Using Dbt framework I created the plan and I must say they loved it. The 5 stage process and Raids template for DBT is currently been adopted with slight modifications and they are hoping I will bring more on board as they currently do not have a PMO set up. I know I Cldnt have gotten this far without the knowledge gained from DBT. Thank you Keji.


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