Eve Secures A Business Analyst Role With Offer Above £50,000


She went from “I can’t” to I can!

Common! That’s what we are talking about.

Didn’t we tell you January is going to be a smashing month.

More job offers on the way but for now be inspired:n1


Hi Keji,

Firstly, I thank God for helping me secure a BA role finally after several Interviews. The offer is above £50K. I am over grateful as I have no prior experience until I joined Career Insights.

I have sent quite a few people to CI, once I meet someone complaining about not having a good job, I just say go on FB and type in Career Insights.

Even in church, during my testimony I quickly mentioned “If you are looking for a job in UK, go to CI”.

It was a challenging transition from QA to BA for me, even though I had worked with BAs and PMs, I didn’t know exactly what the job entailed until I joined CI. I worked on Website Revamp and this was the backbone to the new e-Commerce Digital role I secured. They asked me to criticize their website and come up with a presentation which I smashed with my Adaptive/Responsive recommendation to the company.

I attended about 5 interviews and still no luck. Then Modupe Yusuf shared a success story and I remember working under her on Transformers so I telegrammed her for help and she immediately set up a webinar and her first question was “Tell me what you say in Interviews”, I recited my lines and she came up with her criticisms which I took in good stride. She said “Eve, you sound like you are reading a script, you don’t sound natural” and that was how she went through how she speaks in interviews and I wrote some lines down and went on to practise.

I remember Mo say to me that practise a lot, record yourself and listen to yourself until you are happy.

Immediately after my sessions with Mo, I started to feel like a BA even though there was no job, it became more natural to me and talking about the projects I worked on started to feel like a part of me during Telephone Interviews.

I had helped some friends with interview advise and they had secured BA roles therefore I was a bit downcast when I hadn’t secured a role but my session with Modupe highlighted my need to speak about the projects I worked on from a personal perspective for example “I worked on a team of 5 on a migration project and I personally decomposed the HLBRs into user stories following the INVEST criteria”.

In the past I would say we worked on the project as a team which is great but I will advise people to also state their personal contribution on their previous roles.

This was my first interview after Mentor sessions and was offered the role few hours after the interview.

I want to say a big thank you to Keji’s platform because the latest industry trends today are here.

Many Thanks to Modupe my mentor, Funmi Aladesoun my CI sis, Paul, Mike, Joba, Irene, Kem Okupa- A fine diplomatic negotiator, all my Web Revamp guys. So Supportive and helpful team. Your stories are on the way.

Please write my name as
Eve Agun

KayG you have an amazing platform and your work is helping people
I remember before CI, I used to help a lot of people get into testing and it was very stressful advising them and trying to help them have a feel of getting into a white collar role but with CI all I do is just refer them here which is even less stress for me
Also lots of naija graduates from gidi with no UK experience were doing odd jobs, retail, care etc but with CI these people are able to have a voice and at least try to secure a proper role
Anytime I hear people criticize you or your platform, I am quick to stand up and say to them, look this man is changing lives, making black people more relevant, all I have for him is pure LOVE.
Welldone sir
You are a star and God has blessed you anyway so my prayers not needed
Soar higher boss


Grinning and working at the same time!

Now it’s your turn.

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