Ever wondered why we continually role out success stories on a daily basis?


Why do our candidates secure the high paying project management and business analysis roles paying up to £11,000 a month and constantly securing new contracts?

Best hear it from a candidate who just secured his second role within 8 months of joining us.

Here you go:
I joined DBT in November 2015 but I didn’t start applying for jobs until February 2016 and landed my first role as a BA for the UK’s leading telematics software company in March 2016. Immediately, I found out that all I learnt at DBT was cutting edge and that I was way ahead of the other BA’s in the company because of what I had learnt at DBT confirming what Keji always told us.

I still remained on the DBT platform, learning all I could and using what I learnt from DBT in my new job. However, Keji told us to position ourselves for the Internet of Things and industries that dealt with Big data, machine learning, bots and predictive analysis. He said this was the future and we must begin to prepare ourselves for it. He would always say ‘Data is king’. So I began to look out for jobs that will offer me exposure to these sort of roles and yesterday I got my second success story with another BA role for a FTSE100 leading global information services company.

I would say to everyone to learn all you can at DBT because there are things you will learn here that much more experienced BA’s have never come across and this will make you stand out both at interviews and on the job. The DBT ecosystem is so full of very well-seasoned professionals that you are always learning something new. I bless God that I found DBT.

Thanks Keji for creating this platform. May the good Lord continue to increase you. Also want to thank Ola who was always there teaching and guiding me tirelessly. To everyone still waiting for your own success story, keep learning and getting your hand dirty- your success story is on its way.

Its all down to you honestly. Apart from the learning ,you serve as an inspiration to me. Whenever I feel that I can’t do anything like apply for a role that I feel I don’t qualify, I would always hear you say in my subconscious- you can do it-those people doing it are no better that you. See your self there before you actually get there. Aim for the best. Get your hands dirty. Nobody will spoonfeed you.


As we keep saying, don’t just take our word for it.

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