eWorkexperience Alumni Secures Lead Workforce Planning Analyst Role with Local Authority using our eWorkexperience Platform

It’s second big role

“My success story is as follows. This is my second appointment since leaving DBT/Career Insights in June 2016. My first role was a Business Process Analyst/Project Support Officer at London Zoo implementing a new HR and Payroll Software as a Service (SaaS) module. My new role is Lead Workforce Planning Analyst with a local authority. I am extremely grateful for the platform as it gave me a bridge to connect my dream with my reality. Since DBT, I have maintained my learning and development and I am a Certified BCS Business Analyst and also certified in the EU GDPR foundation. My message to everyone is keep learning, keep working hard. You will get there and your reward will be great. Faith and hardwork should be your mantra.”


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