‘Failure was not an option’ for Her and Now She’s Secured a PMO Analyst Role with One of the World’s Largest Professional Bodies

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”Good evening Keji, please can I have your email address, just secured a PMO Analyst role. Thanks

God has done it again, just as He promised. I secured a PMO Analyst role with one of the world’s largest professional bodies, currently going through change management.
I joined this platform on the 4th of March 2017 after losing 10’s of millions in a business venture in Nigeria due to the epileptic, paralystic and yoyoistic moves of the exchange rate at that time.
I had contemplated changing careers and seen adverts from Ci on Facebook, but never got around to doing anything about it.
The moment I joined, my darling husband felt he had lost his wife and so it the kids due to late night meetings. I kept encouraging him that it was just for a while. Keji called me after showing an intention to join the platform, we had a long discussion and I explained to him I didn’t have a clue about project management, but he assured me and that it didn’t matter if I had an IT background or not. Keji thanks cos I have not looked back since, bearing in mind ‘failure was not an option’.
I got involved joining 3 projects, but was fully involved in 2. I will like to thank my iMentor UK team, for putting up with me as their PM (a newbie at that time), XXXX, XXXX, XXXX and my very able planner XXXX(sister for life). Mama Eagle (XXXX X.) and the Eagle eye team that encouraged me whenever I put myself forward for tasks. Digital Landlord crew, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX and XXXX to name a few. XXXX XXXX, my mentor who spent time coaching and mentoring me, you are such a wonderful spirit. Continuously pushing and wanting the best. XXXX X. for helping me to link my current career with Project Management (that was the point the light bulb came on). XXXX another amazing Mentor that always has time and extremely helpful.
Then I have 2 extremely special people in my life, XXXX X. how can I thank you for breaking us all up into workstreams to work collaboratively in developing Ewx 4.0, amazing as this is exactly what I will be supporting on. Also questioning me anytime I presented and asking me to justify whatever I was presenting (came in very handy). Lastly, my dearest XXXX X. who spent hours on end mentoring me through the process for this interview (4 stages). Sometimes I was asleep and your call comes and you say ‘ Funmi, I remembered something don’t forget ……6am, 1am etc’ ;’ remember it’s your story, you did the work…….’. At one point I started to think you were going for this interview not me (lol).
Thanks to everyone I have worked with, I am sorry if I have not mentioned your name.
Guys all I can say is, please get involved and roll in the dirt. You are next in line for your own Miracle.”



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