February 2015: Adebiyi Secures A PMO Role With the Ministry Of Justice


11017024_10153062952109043_4462825189033429571_nCould this be possible for you too?

The question really is why not?

Yesterday Adebiyi informed me that he had secured a PMO role with the Ministry of Justice. Our third candidate there.

Earlier in the week I got a nice bottle of Moët and a ‘thank you’ card from a candidate who has now settled into their new role.

All it took was a decision to attend our FREE intro sessions and their lives changed a few months later.

It is true that what we do here is unbelievable and unheard of but that doesn’t make it impossible.

These guys are a living flourishing testimony.


We are one big happy family here and supporting you until you can stand on your own earning up to £550 a day as a PM or BA is what family does.

Why not pay us a visit this Saturday 11am, at our London office. Call now to book your FREE slot on:
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