Feyi Secures Her Dream PMO Role With Vodafone | Feb 2015


vodafone logoI trained and also worked with Keji a few years back, even though at the time I did not understand or appreciate the opportunity Keji gave me and the exposure of being present at all times while he was training.
However while  working at Digital Bananas I secured my first contract role with transport for London as a planner, this was a six months contract and months later i secured another contract role as Project Co-ordinator with the post office.

I have always wanted a permanent role cause of my family but every time i went for interview for permanent roles I just never got the job. After a while I stopped believing in myself. Along the line Keji invited me for the Digital Bananas Awards Night and hearing people’s success stories really gave me a boost. Leaving the awards night that fateful day I knew all I needed to do was believe  in myself, work hard, give it my all and most of all rely on God and not in myself .

The 2014 Digital Bananas Technology Awards


Feyi at the DBT Awards

dbt (603)

I applied for a role I saw online without even reading the JD, all I saw was permanent and I was surprised to get a call weeks after forgetting I even applied for a job.

I studied like I have never done, listened to the videos online and trusted God. I went ahead for the interview scared out of my wits and after the interview i was told ….. We don’t usually tell people straight after the interview but we are so impressed . we interviewed five people today and you stood out  amongst everyone.

I can only say thank you God for finally giving me my dream job and thanks to Keji and everyone that came out at the awards night to share  their story

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