Finally, I Got the Offer for a Digital Business Analyst Role!

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To God be all the Glory. I tapped into Keji’s 6 x 6 prayer.
My Journey started in January, when I joined via a free trial and then enrolled in February. I did the test and was a 100% BA. I bargained with God for just 3 months as being on this platform meant all my social activity was 0, I found myself even calling into meetings on holiday while on the beach crazy, but I was determined.
I listened attentively during my four-week training session and took up Keji’s offer on the Feb team working on their own project. I created my own mud with the help of my Feb team mates too many to mention we worked on Project Wawu, there I met my buddy xxxx and XXXXX who motivates, encourages, and have supported my every move on this platform. Fast forward to joining projects and I chose Digital Landlord as I was blown away by the concept and Eagle eye because my buddies XXXXX XXXXX and XXXX were there.
Now I have to give accolades to my destiny helpers, with Digital Landlord XXXXXXX XXXXXX my able PM, we were working on the eWork4.0 infographic video. XXXX XXXXX My Lead BA, who instantly made me feel welcome and was giving me tasks (nothing was to small and remember I put myself up for it) and was always listening every time I say “according to the video”. To my team members XXXXX XXXXX , XXXXXX XXXXX, XXXXX , XXXXXX XXXXXX for accommodating my endless Digital landlord stories and strategies and my incessant questioning for the reason they did what they did while presenting till XXXXX made me present on behalf of the project at PM meetings.
Meanwhile over at Eagle eye where we were working on revamping BMP as part of eWork4.0 transformation plan, there I met XXXXX XXXXXXX . This Lady is the embodiment of dedication, she was selflessly working on this project with half the amount of team members. She gave me tasks, I learnt how to complete PID documents and even testing here.
XXXXX, I can’t but mention your name as your use case is legendary, I contacted her and she was always happy to help and would call me to join whenever she was working on a drawing. I vividly remember one night when all the whole platform was preparing the wireframes for eWork4.0 and that night I didn’t sleep, we finished just in time for me to get ready for work. XXXX, XXXX and XXXXX what can I say I was always blown away by their knowledge and attention to detail during presentation. They challenged me and I was aiming to a get a role so I could take them on. Lest I forget let me mention I stopped work end of March, I couldn’t juggle the 2.
I joined Readyplayers as a team member and one day during a programme meeting we were called to elicit information on the spot. In literally 5 mins I had put a PowerPoint presentation together and messaged my PM that I could do it and that was how I gathered requirement from XXXXX and got him to be our product owner as well and XXX then applied for me to be her BA on the project. The rest is history, I roped in XXXX as well and every presentation we had was a success back to back, our artefacts rarely went past V1.2. I have to give a big shout out to the team at Readyplayers for their selflessness XXXX, XXXXX, XXXX, XXX, XXXX, XXXXXX and all the others. XXXX the best PM on the platform, for her persistent doggedness, we had adhoc meetings like it was going out of fashion. She was unblocking every blocker and I pray for open heavens for her.
Now down to the job once I was ready although I joined CV boot camp, I took Keji’s advise and wrote my CV myself. Why? because only you know your story, then next I watched who was mentoring those getting the success stories and basically signed up with XXXX. XXXXX helped me with my Linkedin and then I started applying. My journey took me through over 15 interviews some a 3-stage process involving presentation and roleplaying. But I was confident because I knew the end result and each no drew me nearer to my yes
I got the call from the agent who quizzed me thoroughly before putting me forward for the role, then she only sent me the job spec two hours before the interview. It was for a Digital services Manager role with leadership responsibilities and I was like no way, But I told myself this site is all about doing the impossible so I had the phone interview, the HOD was sold and booked me in for a face to face interview with presentation.
I immediately called Keji as my liver failed big time as I am a firm believer in talking the talk and walking the walk. And as a super boss, he instantly prepped me and gave me materials. I prepared with XXXX (God bless you, even when you had your own interviews to work on) and attended on my birthday (another reason why I know God fought this for me) I used the digital transformation experience as the basis of my presentation and my experiences on the platform to answer competency style questions. I then got selected for a last stage interview and was heartbroken to see Keji writing a success story for someone else for this role while I was waiting for their call.
But I believed and I knew that that which I had decreed on my birthday will not come void I don’t work on my birthday as a rule) and was gracious in defeat.
Meanwhile the agency lady was being evasive and said she will call me the next day. When she did she basically said I had made a serious impression and they would like me to interview as a PM. You all know I am BA, but I accepted and ran to Keji for help. He connected me with XXXX who gave it to me like I was his blood family. A big shout to XXXX XXXX who stayed up night coaching me as well. I went for the interview and then got a surprise, the BA lead wanted me as well so I was interviewing for 2 roles at the same time. XXX, I basically became you and as I was always attending all the meetings even planning ones I was a pro. “The head of PM actually said how are you going to cope working here seeing as you use all this automated tool and why are you leaving DBT, it sounds like such a cool place to work”
I got out of that interview to learn XXXX had gotten a call for guess, yes that same company and was interviewing the next day. I prayed because I knew there was something happening here. His first face to face and he got it and I didn’t get a call. Then self-doubt came in and I just lost the faith but XXXX , kept the faith for both of us and he didn’t write his story because he kept on saying it wasn’t complete without me getting mine. Finally, I got the offer for a Digital Business Analyst role.
I just want to thank God and my Family and will advise that you stay focused, it is not easy, always talk from the point of knowledge, I researched and added to my knowledge from other sources. God bless you all and Thank you Keji for this wonderful opportunity.”

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