Finally I Shine! I Got my Own Success Story

This is one of those beautiful stories that makes us happy, that we hope inspires you, read and be inspired.


I joined DBT in March 2015 and after my 1 week training, I immediately joined projects. I was quite active on the projects and met a lot of people who were very willing to help. I put my whole self into it, getting my hands very dirty. My plan was to be in DBT for 6 months to learn all I could and be at the top of my game when I applied for roles. I had been on a career break, but was inspired by Otillia’s success story. Unfortunately, I had a family trauma which really destabilized me and put all my plans on hold. I was however determined not to let it hold me back and I did my best to stay on top of things. I was only able to share in detail with one person my project and she was a great source of support and encouragement for me. A number of people on the various teams I worked on noticed when I was not on top of things and although they did not know what was going on with me, they were very supportive and encouraging. I am forever grateful to them for their support.

It eventually got to a point where I just could not cope with everything going on in my life, so I stopped being active on projects mid 2017, but I tried my best to stay on the platform. Many times I was dead broke, for a while, I had an admin job to make ends meet but by God’s grace, I managed to put money together to pay for any deals that came up. I watched videos, attended sponsors meetings, read up all the many notes I had taken during my active periods, whenever I could.

Late 2017, I read someone’s success story and he had gone through the very same thing I had, but he did not let it hold him back. This totally gingered me up and I said to myself that I will be in a project management role before the end of the 1st quarter of 2018, because if he could do it with everything he went through, so could I. So, I got back on the platform, attended all the free trainings that I could, went through the projects I’d worked on, attended sponsors meetings, watched videos and read all the success stories to keep me motivated. January 2018, I started applying for roles. I got loads of rejections, lots of phone interviews that did not go through to a job, but I was determined to have a success story as well and then I got an email for a job I had applied for in February and forgotten about, inviting me to an interview. The interview was held at the end of March… I went through loads of videos, attended the meeting on Saturday on PMO, did a lot of studying and felt confident.

I went for the interview prepared for competence based questions, but was shocked when all they wanted to know about were the projects I had worked on that had to do with digital transformation. So, I spoke on my projects at DBT and my time at the programme office in DBT, which luckily was when DBT embarked on the digital drive. I was also asked a lot of questions on RAIDs management which I was able to excel in as I had worked extensively as a RAIDS lead, so I just told them how it was done at DBT. I spent my whole time recounting my whole experience at DBT. When I t came to the salary, I was quite nervous as I was holding on to God and did not want to lie, so I told them that I voluntarily worked unpaid with DBT, but they were quite pleased with my knowledge and experience and the type of projects we worked on, so that did not matter to them

I worked on — CI — CSI, Exodus, Transcend, ES — mobile optimization, Social media Strategy and then was very opportuned to get a role in the Programme Office which really consolidated all my training at DBT. Programme Office was tough and really stretched my knowledge and ability to work with people and cope under pressure, but that is one experience I am glad I went through.

I am really grateful to God for his faithfulness and holding me through the tough times. I am very grateful for this platform, for all I have learned, the growth I have experienced and the people who I have met and worked with on all my projects, too many to mention, but you all know who you are. Thank you Keji for the inspiring words you post regularly for and sharing your story as they really helped to motivate me.

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