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Success story number 8 in 3 days and we thought yesterday’s success story was awesome. Wait till you read this one.

Let this be the evidence you need to know that no matter where you are coming from or where you are in your life right now, your success story is coming in 2018 IJN.

BE TOTALLY INSPIRED. This is the best valentines gift to us all:

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Please keep this on this platform only and not on socials for now. You’ll be getting contacted soon for a reference from a company called Clear People re: a Digital PM position

Sorry this is long but I hope at least 1 person will be encouraged by my journey, but for those who will skim this, the headline to encourage them is:

God responds to faith; Your breakthrough is closer than you think; Success is a “we” thing; Your success story is inevitable on DBT; You are more capable than you think; Be brave – your new life begins outside your comfort zone, I applied for a role that I didn’t think I would get and yet it happened.

In summary, 2 Sundays ago, staring at the wall in my room at 1am knowing, having experienced it before, I knew I was on the verge of depression. My relationship with my mum had broken down seemingly beyond repair, I was about to be kicked out of my house, money was running out and I had zero responses to numerous job applications. I didn’t understand how I got here.

I joined DBT in July 2017 having just won an 18 month battle against my ex-partner to re-gain access to my son, exhausted and fed up of my workplace. I completely immersed myself on the platform, watching all the videos in their entirety and joining projects and became most active on Digital Academy. At the same time I suddenly found myself in a situation where I had to formally battle against my manager, Director and the organisation’s HR team as they tried to change my job to one they knew I would fail as I had no experience or qualifications for it. This began to take its toll and I felt guilty as I let my Digital Academy colleagues down by stepping down from my role to focus on my tribunal.

Against all odds I won my appeal hearing and was formally put at risk of redundancy, which I wanted. I had a 10 week notice period in which I was obligated to genuinely attempt to get a new role within the organisation otherwise I would not be eligible for the redundancy pay-out.

Bitter about losing the hearing, the Director and HR started piling pressure on me to stop me getting the pay-out and I eventually went off sick in October.

I wanted to give myself the best chance to get a new Digital PM role or similar so I crazily did 8 exams in 10 weeks (Agile PM, Lean Six Sigma Green belt, Change Management and MSP) and passed them all by mid December, by which time I had formally left my job WITH the redundancy which was great because those courses weren’t free! Even more exhausted, I took the rest of December off and decided to start applying for a new role in January.

Having not done my CV in over 10 years, I watched a DBT Killer CV, changed my CV then…got discouraged. I had been away from the platform too long and could never back-up what I had written in an interview situation. I quickly watched videos, did the tests and logged into some meetings to get my KPI up to a 100% so I could get a mentor but my KPI went DOWN from 77% to 34%!!! I got my CV and LinkedIn done and highlighted DBT and past experience on Digital projects. I was proud of it, applied for and then NOTHING!

I looked at some roles and got scared off so didn’t apply. Then I realised at the end of January that I had only 4 weeks’ worth of money left before I was dead broke. Unemployed people can’t get a loan!!! Plus I was so focussed on my CV that I forgot that I hadn’t had an interview in over 10 years!

So that Sunday morning 2 weeks ago, I was at the point of giving up and then I made a decision to trust God and that I would not sleep till I found 10 jobs I would apply for on Monday morning, which I did. As God is my witness, from the nex t morning the phone started ringing and emails started coming through for interviews. 7 telephone and 4 face to face interviews later, including having to do a presentation and being grilled by a room of company directors, I was offered a role on Monday night as a Digital PM for a Top 100 Digital Consultancy. Keji – that role was the FIRST role I applied for 2 weeks ago……Thank you Keji and thank you especially to Foluke Omisore, Alex Obubo and Teri Sillo for their encouragement and words of wisdom and to the Digital Academy troopers. I’ll be staying on the platform as I still have a lot to learn and give back, and part of my resolve came after listening to that tearful and brave woman on your BA interviewing prep session who found the courage to answer the question you gave her – what an example!

Our candidates don’t have two heads. The only difference between you and them is the knowledge, understanding and wisdom (experience) we impact them with that equips them to go out there and secure high paying digital roles with earnings as high as £800 p/day.

All it takes is a decision, dedication, commitment, focus and we’ll empower you too for career success in today’s digital age.

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