First Success Story Of September 2014 | Bambo Secures A Business Analyst Role With Jewson

jewsonHello Keji,

I have been on Basecamp for a while now. I started off all excited and wanted to conquer the world. That quickly damped after a couple of months, I started and stopped job searching so many times, then I would hear about a fellow candidate that had gotten a role and would start my job search again.

I was a member of project teams Facecard (very lovely people, many late nights), Pentagon and Cl 24 (BA).  I am grateful to Keji and all the members of the project teams I worked with, a number of whom I still contact at short notice and would gladly help. I have made lifelong friends!

During these last couple of months although I stopped being active on basecamp, I contacted an old team mate on facecard and pentagon and would do interview coaching sessions with her, helping each other to answer difficult questions and pointing out areas to work more on, for this I will be ever grateful to her. And know there is still more rejoicing to come.

So when I got the invite to the interview I armed myself with making many references to the project we worked together on during our sessions, I said all I could at the interview. I thought I did not do too well at the interview and I put it Gods hands. I got a call from the agency today that I got the job I am very excited, its with Jewson, a part of Saint Gobain I am still in cloud nine!

I still pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming

A big kudos to Keji and all the guys at DBT for all the good work, thanks again.




We are aiming for 20 success stories in September 2014. It’s bold and audacious but not impossible. Why? Because our candidates are working hard, they are giving it 100%, improving their skills and expertise and getting their hands dirty.

With the best industry standard tools at their disposal, daily mentoring programs and daily project meetings as they work on live projects, it’s no wonder Bambo, our first success story for September 2014 came in on the 2nd day of the month. More to come.



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