May 2015: Florence Secures A Project Management Role With The Metropolitan Police


11209613_10153229199484043_8453437720952639170_nShe was part of the team that built the Here’s My Card app ( and now she has secured a project role with the Metropolitan police.

Work experience within the digital space is priceless.

You can put a price on a masters degree and come out of it struggling to get a job because you lack the work experience required to deliver on the job but work-based learning within the digital space coupled with your degree or masters degree is priceless and can get you earning up to £11k a month.

Check out her success story below:

Good afternoon Keji hope all is well. I attended CI around Oct 2012 – 11/2013 I was involved on the projects such as then Event Horizon , Here’s my card. Even though I did not secure any role as a BA which I can call a success story; I picked up vital skills that has followed me through in to my current role as  a Housing manager. I have just secure a role with Metorpolitan Housing they have requested for a gap in employment reference

In which I have put down CI as where I spent some time before securing a job.
Can you please provide one on my behalf. Can you perhaps provide an email where Metropolitan can send the reference request.

Thanks in advance.
Mrs Florence Osatimehin

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