Man Pretending To Work For Daily Mail Contacts Career Insights To Question The Authenticity Of Our Success Stories

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Please refrain from using our company name (Digital Bananas Technology) on your CV if you have not been to our eWorkexperience programs and do the work.

By doing this you are literally destroying the hard work of our genuine candidates who are really focusing on building a career in project management and business analysis.

We only provide reference for work done on our platforms and will report others who falsify their CV with experience from our company.

We recently got a chat message from someone claiming to be from the Daily Mail. Please refrain from falsely using our company name.

If you are found, legal action will be taken against you.

Here’s what one of our candidate has to say 

Jerry, I came to Career Insights after having worked as a PM for almost 10years….why did I come to CI then??? Because I had taken a three year career break to raise my son and enjoy life….when l wanted to go back to contracting after a 3year break, l realised that my experience was obsolete, things had changed…Agile/Scrum was the methodology of choice…digital innovation was the order of the day….so I canme to DBT to refresh my knowledge and get experience using the latest methodologies and frameworks..after 3months of getting my hands dirty…starting from minute taking I got my success story….I am still here because eventually Programme Director is what i am aiming for…CI is not just for people without experience…its also for those who have been PMs but want to go up the career ladder….its also for those who have seen what Keji does and want to be part of it and learn……..Keji is an innovator, if you hang around him for long, one will start coming up with innovative ideas….THATS WHY SOME EXPERIENCED PEOPLE COME TO AND STAY WITH DBT


We contacted the Daily Mail to discuss the accusation below:


1. We were informed that there is no Jonathan working in their news room online or paper press

2. If they were writing a feature on us or investigating us, they would officially contact us and not via chat.

It’s clearly another hoax. This is not the first time this has happened and wouldn’t be the last.

To people who are not part of the DBT platform, please do not abuse the system. We have helped thousands of people to secure life changing roles through hard work and evidence of practical work experience. Let’s not allow a few rotten apples to destroy everyone’s hard work.

Now you understand why we constantly ask you to update your Basecamp daily. If there is an mm4investigation then you don’t need to worry because you have the hard work to show for it.

Mentors should not mentor people unless they have done the work on Basecamp.

People are still getting jobs daily. If you know your stuff, recruiters will speak to you and hire you.

We have been around for 10 years, DBT is 3 yrs old, CI 10yrs old, TAMF, 8 years old.

We pay our taxes and file company accounts, recruiters check our online presence and the truth is people will always question what we do because it’s unnatural but nevertheless it’s not impossible as we have proven this.

Just make sure you are not found wanting. Be a person of integrity and protect the company you are using to change your life.

Stop giving your account to others by cheating the system. follow protocol.

Report anyone who tries to abuse the system.

Mentors, if a candidate contacts you to help them offering to pay without doing the work, report them, if you don’t, both yourself and them will be removed off the platform for good.

Candidates, if a mentor contacts you asking you to pay to help you into a job, report them. We will not be responsible for things going wrong as what you pay for already includes mentoring. You should not be paying for anything else.

Protect what we have built so you can continue to benefit. Even after you have gotten a job, you will still need us from subsequent references as they always back track 5 yrs.

Protect your future.

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