From £7 p/hr in a retail Store to £50,000 p/yr as a Project Manager


We make the impossible possible and make the unbelievable believable because we are immensely blessed by God and work extremely hard.

From £7 an hour at a retail store to £50k a year as a project manager.

You can choose to wonder if it’s true or you can check it out.

This year’s DBT Awards, we will be celebrating 400+ success stories, 100 more from last year and double the year before the last. Watch the 2014 & 2015 awards here:

Celebrating the Success Of Our Candidate at the DBT Awards

This just came in:
Nice way to start the month …success story …this one is truly inspirational

From working at a retail store on £7 a month to securing a life changing role with an amazing salary of 50k plus ! Three Job offers in one week and all employers FIGHTING to have her! She will send her story today …she’s still recovering from shock lol


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